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We are RBLED

RBLED is an experienced manufacturer of LED lighting, the brand has been active for more than 10 years, we supply the entire European market from our central warehouse. With RBLED you have various certainties: a quality product, fast delivery, competitive prices and reliable warranty conditions.

Distinctive on every level

In addition to being an experienced producer, RBLED is also a real specialist in the field of LED lighting. For example, RBLED produces its own products in accordance with a market-oriented composition, such as: smart lighting, emergency function and ease of installation. Products produced with an eye for detail, for both ease of installation and use! But it doesn't just stop at production, quality control is also examined extensively within RBLED. Before a product appears on the market, it must pass all kinds of different tests. This way we at RBLED can guarantee the best quality lighting! Are you familiar with all the quality features of LED lighting?

Lighting advice

RBLED always advises you on the right fixture, in addition to the right fixture, we can also advise you with lighting plans or installation choices, our lighting designers and lighting consultants can do this. We have a very broad team of advisors. Good advice starts with the right objective, if you or your customer have a specific question or wish, do not hesitate to call in our advisors from RBLED. Our team is available 5 days a week to help you on location with drawing up the right plan and lighting advice.

Become a partner of RBLED

Due to our familiarity in the market, we can also help you with the right partners. Our knowledge of and about lighting brings us together with the right parties. RBLED only works with the best installation and distribution companies in the Netherlands! If you are looking for a reliable partner, we will gladly put you in touch!

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